Sunday, November 14, 2010

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Cleaning: Beaded shoes and bags should not be dry cleaned as this can destroy the beads. Fabric shoes and bags should be cleaned using dry brush and by patting wet cloth on the stain and sprinkling baking soda on it. The process has to be repeated as needed but be sure not to put a lot of baking soda on it. Dabbing baking soda on oily stains and letting it sitHermes Birkin until the baking soda absorbs the stain is the proper way to clean it. Adding soda water will help in taking out the stain.

Just make sure that the cloth you use to pat the stain dry is the same color as the bag or shoes. For bags and shoes made of piled fabric like terry cloth and tweed, cleaning with an old toothbrush will do. Take note not to try to remove the stain while it is still wet. To keep the color of your bags or shoes, do not soak them to remove stains.

Storage: To avoid staining, bags or shoes with metal on them should not be stored in tightly sealed plastic bags. Keep beaded bags in cloth bags which are also best for storing bags made of fabric. Shoe trees are handy in making your shoes keep their shapes but if you don't have any, crumpled paper will do but do not use colored ones because it can rub color on the shoes. If you have a walk in closet, you can place your shoe rack in it and add hooks for your bags to hang. This would make matching your outfits and accessories easier for you.

To make the most of things you own, take good care of them the right way. These simple steps will make your handbags and shoes last longer. Taking care of them means that you have not onlyHermes Birkin invested a good sum of money in handbags and shoes but making your investment well justified as well.

As you have spent a good sum of money on them, then you must as well take good care of them so your money is considered well spent on this type of investment.
Weve been championing the all round versatility of the scarf for some time, trying to persuade opinion formers that this timeless accessory is more than just a dust collector over the summer months and have even devoted hundreds of hours designing patterns and prints to compliment the season. But all our enthusiasm and zest for the scarf has up until this point been in vain.

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