Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the countries invited by the Pu Jiao castle inspired artists

The most regrettable gift, is a cross shaped amethyst necklace, off to forget where I do not know, and could not find. Later gifts were specifically ask to go Ama counter and was told that the style has sold out.A lot of things, like fate, is not gone out.I am more fortunate colleagues, we went to Germany to participate in book fairs, she lost a very important documentHermes Birkin, all day, down from the clouds. However, the last day, she again found himself a sandwich bag pen, the joy that she regained almost overwhelming. Magic Brush Ma Liang pen really as the pen, it gives us a lot of luck. Incredibly smooth.
For me, the most precious souvenirs of the old mother sweater. Finishing her possessions, to avoid hurt, and my father threw away a lot of things, I insisted on staying a sweater. Whenever I pain, loneliness, sadness, it will open the closet, buried her face sweater, feeling her mother's taste. Most of the time, tokens to commemorate the people, objects and people are linked. Duwusiren, never forget.October 31, 2010, the Shanghai World Expo officially closed, the coast of the River bloom for six months, "French sensibility" has bid farewell to the last group of guests. Apart from nostalgia is inevitable that some people lost: French romantic era after the Expo, what else can we leave? Obviously carry a LV bag romantic smell fragrant soil of France, more taste than the French countryside bistro atmosphere a little drunk In fact, the best answer to the French Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo exit.
Getting better at the occasion of the Shanghai World Expo, the Expo will be designated wine suppliers to theHermes Birkin French Pavilion of the five Pu Jiao Castle Museum of Art barrels stunning debut in France. This romantic combination of red wine and art stuff, visitors refreshing, stunning four, warm atmosphere of the hall into another climax.
It is to hang around in oak barrels before the stop, one can not help thinking, What impressed us is the beautiful French wine? Exquisite works of art or romance?

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