Thursday, September 23, 2010

How should maintain and nursing bag?

The biggest characteristic is changing fashion. So many people are met such a problem, to a was basically not worn clothes and shoes wardrobe didn't know what to do. In September, the new clothes recovery plan is to solve the problem. The aim is to donate clothes and throw clothes.
Environmental protection agency says the United States out 10 pounds per person per year on average, jeans, socks, sheet, etc., and the shirt in New York city in 2008 will be 19 million tons of textiles, fill in landfill. New York city to accept a bid from non-profit corporation, and the company will sign a 10-15 years of contract, and the company will be responsible for all the boxes. Not all the clothes can be recycled, there are some ragged jeans or shoes may be unable to recycle. But many companies may want to put these clothes for other aspects of the recovery of clothes, only 5% finally thrown into general landfill. If successful, this plan will be carried out throughout the nation clothes recovery projects.
Facing the recession of Australian produced a new industry, online rent. Australia's fashionable personage can rent to brand-name clothing and accessories, also can buy some cash.
Australia is now established the first largest and rental nets site founder, clothing, clothing simeone rent will become a trend, this website is currently has 5,000 members, these members can rent some new clothes, but also has a lot of, some others are through designer also provide sell at a discount. Now the clothing range from lease of professional uniform dress to campus, many different kinds. Besides, still can clothes here rent to brand shoes and bags. This is a smart money method.
In China, the rent is increasingly popular clothing. Zhengzhou a office opened a special clothing, clothing, and rent rental object mostly graduate students. Students only, can deposit of intersection to rent a set of beautiful clothes to interview the decent.
In the store, more than 20 square metre room full of all sorts of styles hang and cheap suit, business suit, the wall all around with all kinds of silk and tie. "The main source is some general economic conditions at home, need to interview students." The clerk said: "for rent, so the price of clothes. In order to satisfy students apply for different positions, we store and professional personnel to provide students with dress collocation, image design, cosmetic etc. Service free of charge." After the festival, many students began to apply, shop unit is busy with the business.

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