Wednesday, September 29, 2010

T-shirts + 7 minutes of pants cover on meat and immediately change

Midsummer comes not wear too much and not confident of good shape? Japan GuChuanRun teach you make no longer supermodel weight thin leg is tie-in, pants outfit is free, no matter what to wear out street, make you confident.Cowboy 7 minutes of pants tight design make ham dewlap tight, didn't seem so thick, with a pair of red follow sandal high, will shift the focus, not only the fashionable and sweet.Khaki pants edge design 6 points more prominent, metallic collocation with sexy sandals, high temperament, with linen trousers with capable body design more show thin.Women love dress, department of forestry, a dress skirt with falbala little white T-shirt, mix and street, not only covered the leg ministry line not beautiful, still added temperament and mystery.The party led national with a coat is nowadays most knickers, ethnic boximiya style collocation, a pair of tall canister boots just brawny crus, still stretched covering part, more slender lines.

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