Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I began to check his numbers started to go

all right when the now flashing also chat, I asked him \lifetime \I used to be a lumberjack in Elwynn Forest, Stormwind for the money but too little may not ah, ha ha, speaking of this, we all laughed. Speaking of Stormwind we are talking about the recent Horde and Alliance tension, militant tribal unrest in the existing site, ready to send troops to the Stone Forest from 1000 needle alliance in Xilisusi attack, but Garkisen as an essential way the land is sure to become tribal temporary depot. It was very restless days Goodhart, not the war he started so quickly pulled him from a good, said tribal army led this time is called Gatton. death roaring beast one military governor, said that his body full of scars, there is left in the war, there are assassins attack. Now this situation, both sides will send to each other assassins and spy, has a trump card at that time the thieves, who called hidden Victor, who murdered three tribes military governor, and many tribes of the high-end Executive. but few have seen he looks like. often when you feel someone behind, and then the next second you die,Louis Vuitton, can only see the person next to a little blur. With his perfect stealth technology is known, so tell him to hide those.
do not know why these two days were gradually added a lot less, at least less risk-takers Union many, I have a bad feeling. feeling this calm was not normal. since it is often confusion on the quiet birth.
confusion finally broke, I was still selling apples. thundered suddenly felt a burst of pace sound, I looked to the distance and saw the A team to add directions to come to my 6th sense told me that the war would broke out, and sure enough Garton. death roar that were warlike tribes military governor with his troops came to the baseplates. Then I made note of a union in Canada has not adventurers, and the death cries wolf riding his war led the troops stopped at the door increases. Goodhart go out to meet with us . I finally saw the military governor close adults, a dark red and slightly shining armor, from the joints in the exposed muscle injuries can be seen, it was anger that killed off his Battlegear never even break when not. This makes many of his assassins to attack without success. This course is a joke, but still want to see him do well and not counter-attack him, it is almost impossible. his side stood a Necromancer, wearing the symbol of the spirit of the wind sets the High Master. the roar of death around I felt something was different hh
\to, \orc carried up to a person, to be exact is a Bureau of the body, turned out Hartson in his throat have a deep wound, you can see is fatal.
Goblin surprise inspection door point of speechless, \As far as I know he was here working for you. 2 days and we have no contact with him, until this morning we found his body, I want to ask when the next he disappeared? \Mori is to increase the BL even spies! shocked us all, death roar said: \Let me think. \you?? \I am half way to a man robbed the Road called trolls what dragged tank where I injured ah, ah, you see, \death roar adults are indeed the truth, he said, ah, these two days we did not drink this water, ah, you see hh \now it goes, finished he gave a wink that Necromancer, Necromancer will be the point then addedHermes Birkin: \I hope that we in the past few days his soldiers here to get the best rest and recharge, and we do not want to see the Union here. \driven alliance, and now no longer here, I can guarantee that the army here to get the best rest, you are here please adults, \Tanaris really hot weather, at least in the heat than the barren land and soon died roaring good on the sweat back and tells the people to bring him water, but water tank yesterday, I said pull the trolls there, Goodhart saying his clawing my salary, I have no choice in the Pie Piezui. this time with him coming Necromancer magic was about to give him the water was roaring death blow knocked to the ground, \, I do not drink things that smell them! \brought to my fruit stand, I looked around Goodhart, he obviously I am very pleased wit. I took two biggest Apple wiped his clothes, hands and presented to the death roar, roar the death took Apple's first with a nose to smell the smell, feel no exception, so take off helmets, beginning with that oversized mouth to eat apple, eat orc though disgusting, but very fast, soon it was two apples He finished. death cries intended to make the touched by the taste mouth, turned and walked.

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