Monday, August 2, 2010

between the windows of Hermes

named by the press as the "King of Hair coloring", deliver the finest quality color services in the Beauty world. Supervising each and every appointment, at his chic salons, Rodolfo Valentin, who is known nationally and internationally as a trendsetter in the fashion and beauty industry. Considered an expert by top fashion and beauty editors worldwide, he is regularly referred to as " the source for color Hermes Birkin corrections". Best hairstylist of the yearRodolfo Valentin can also take you to great lengths of hair as celebrities: Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Tyra Banks,Christina Aguilera,Faith Hill, Lisa Marie Presley, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira or Britney Spears with his "Hair Infusion", his exclusive trademarked hair extensions technique. Rodolfo Valentin can also texture hair extensions as Diana Ross, Janet Jackson and Beyonce hair nature. This unique hair extensions are also the perfect tool for short hair extensions given its flat, thin, undetectable attachment. They are the most safe hair extensions system that will not burn your own hair as other systems do, using cold protein that preserves the health of your own Hermes Belt. The job is done in only 45 minutes.
Rodolfo Valentin is also the designer of the first medical "cranial hair prosthesis", which was made for his mother "Sofia", a cancer victim suffering hair loss as a result of chemotherapy treatments. In her memory Rodolfo Valentin is the founder of "Sofia's hair 4 Health", donating free hair prostheses for cancer sufferers that cannot afford the cost.
As a breeze, Rodolfo Valentin can instantly custom made a hair piece to grant you with a celebrity hairstyle and new look. Just in the form of ponytail, a top hairpiece in all sizes, hairpins, or half moons, Rodolfo Valentin hairpieces menu is endless, this virtually undetectable hair additions can be put in and taken out in a matter of minutes. His hairpieces ar a simple and easy way to more beautiful exciting hairstyle.
His brand new Salon and Spa, located in the heart of Madison Avenue in New York, between the windows of Birkin, Cavalli and Chanel, represents his quality and dedication to the Beauty and womens health business.

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