Tuesday, August 31, 2010

JinHeZai glorious past -- It Bag memories

I have the impression that "this word is Bag It ZhongMoQi appeared in the 1990s. At first, I thought, "It is" Girl, "" It," It is the most eye-catching red, the meaning. Later someone said, "It is actually" "Inevitable", is indispensable, inevitably mean. No matter how definition, as we all know, "It is the other Bag" competing Hollywood stars, waiting list after shop specialises not short, fashionable young for a "hold" hard, ManKengManGu streets and mixed Bag.
"Bag" phenomenon, It is actually in the 1980s that extends to the identity of theHermes Birkin handbag. Women with "Bag" express It - "I have this sense only Bag, so I am cool." In recent years, personality, fashion trend strength gradually women seek not seek It Bag, "" gradually fade away. Remembered write this article, because a few days ago saw Mombasa YSL, trigued nostalgia emotions.
As for GangJie compete with others, and some have been forgotten, "Bag" destiny and It is different. Today I want to say, is not a love of evergreen MaShi jin, Chanel 2.55 and depend Birkin Vuitton placement, nor charm, the Balanciaga still vividly incentives package (locomotive City), SuoTou call (Paddington), and achieve miraculous Fendi repeatedly method (rod), but those who once Baguette station is bright, now suddenly look back, that the bag hadn't seen for years.
Gossip girl "Lily actor Ruthford love MaShi Lily Birkin and three months old daughter, who is more beautiful Helena deserve?Operated language examiner "- Nicole Richie is the biggest fans Balanciaga locomotive bag bag style of locomotive, with the most complete color. Pictures of her motorcycle is weekendChole Paddington, two pounds of large lock is also insufficient for admirers. Then gradually calmed down, fans of the brand SuoTou by metal into resin material.
This bag is Tom Ford rule Gucci, and after buying YSL Group Gucci, launched in 2002, Ford, Tom is the feat. This is a very simple hobo, unusual place is an exotic antlers handles.Operated language examiner "- Nicole Richie height of less than one meter in Asia for 60, girl, she's style is the reference value. Operated language examiner "- Nicole Richie Mombasa, handle the YSL carve patterns or designs on woodwork, and to metal decorate phnom penh glasses together, lovely, and intellectual.Fashion editors was founded in his Spade Kate, five years later, the handbag brand in 1998, won the best decoration association of American fashion designer. Kate a series of black nylon bag Spade, extremely contemporary and contracted, was introduced. She's classic black nylon, feel very special, not smooth, but a bit rough, maomao roughness is costly feeling. In my opinion, nylon and Kate spade nylon difference, as is the difference between DeQueLiang and wool.

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