Thursday, August 12, 2010

There is only one of this Birkin Handbag in the entire world

The designers are using the special design and material on shoes,those material are used for Hermes Birkin handbag in the past. Christian Louboutin,Pierre Hardy,Jimmy Choo,Manolo Blanhnik all be the big person in the fashion field.
From this year's beginning of year beginning, thered are medium to start prediction, after calling soon, female consumers purchase an investment amount less but the price higher shoe Lyu.Really be like LuellaBartley to use the handbag that a name of mold Giselle calls her design, perhaps Hermes most the Birkin Kelly of classic be similar to the Birkin and more and more shoe style also starts being assign name to with star:Italian designer Giambattista Valli just for the Victoria BeCKham designed Victoria shoe, what CalvinKlein Suri 40CM Birkin use is the name of the daughter of Tom Cruise and assign name to by Amy Winehouse of Amy shoe then the opening design of Jonathan Kelsey.For the first time in recent years,makers of luxury-goods are cutting prices on designer apparel, shoes and handbags in the U.S. market.Even the biggest spenders starting to scrimp, luxury companies from Chanel to Versace, Christian Louboutin and Chloe are reversing the industry's maxim that luxury prices only move up. The cuts range from 8% to 10% on most products sold in the U.S.
But the move isn't likely to dent the profit margins of most European fashion houses because the value of the dollar has increased 28% against the euro since April. Luxury-goods companies don't disclose margins for their individual brands, but Louis Vuitton, one of the world's most profitable labels, is estimated to have a margin of 45 cents on every dollar.
Strange,attractive and hard to wear Hermes Handbag are more and more popular and find favour in people's eyes.You need to think twice if you want to depend on the most fashionable handbag to make you feel more fashion. People's eye would focus on your feet.

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