Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Get Designer Handbags Without Emptying Your Purse

Designer handbags are indispensable fashion accessories these days. No matter what you like to wear, your wardrobe is never complete without a couple of designer handbags. You might be thinking how you are going to afford even one, let alone two, given the towering price tags of theseHermes Birkin bags. Well, you can relax. Many established designers of accessories are creating handbags based on designs inspired by the big brands. So, you can get a handbag that looks like a designer handbag from Chanel or Gucci, at a fraction of the price tag of the original item. There is a silent revolution going on in the world of fashion accessories and its motto is to add a new factor to designer accessories, namely, affordability.
Designer inspired handbags cost a fraction of the original product. These are not replica handbags, if that is what you are thinking. Replica handbags are exact copies of designer bags. Not so in this case. The designer inspired handbags are created using a design inspired by a product of some big brand, but the design is essentially unique. Thus there is no risk that one of your snobbish friends will point her finger to your precious accessory and claim that it is a Monclerreplica.
Designer inspired handbags, as the name implies, feature designs based on bags from the major designer labels. From the bold Chanel to the legendary Hermes Birkin, all top class labels have inspired designers to incorporate similar magic in their ranges of accessories.
Designer inspired handbags are available to suit every type of outfit, and can be custom made to look appropriate in almost any occasion. Whether you are looking for a clutch fashion handbag to complement your ensemble at a wedding bash, or simply looking for a great hobo to carry on your weekend getaway, designer inspired handbags are the things for you.
The best Christian Louboutin Bootsthing about these handbags is their price tag. While the real designer handbags can burn holes in your purses, designer inspired handbags come for a fraction of that price. There are online designer stores where you can pick up a handbag inspired by ranges from Chanel, Hermes or even a Dior, for as low as $50. Just imagine carrying around a bag inspired by the creations of Chanel on one day, and a bag inspired by Dior on the next.
Designer inspired handbags are the perfect way of spicing up your outfits in these recession-stricken times. Get yourself one of these handbags todayherve leger, and step out in style, every time.

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