Thursday, August 5, 2010

The handbags are the main complementary piece that can really show your style

The styles we choose give away a lot about our personality type. From clutches to totes and oversized to backpacks – give some extra thought to what you carry by finding out what each style typically represents and what your handbag says about you.We live in an age where the designer oversized bag rules. Bigger Hermes Birkin mean an increased opportunity for more clutter. Typically, reveals the Mail, many women carry everything from their phone, keys, cosmetics and beauty products to sweets, snacks, medications, shoes, gym kit and magazines. Not to mention an Ipod, Blackberry, camera or notebook.
Casual and practical, the backpack represents women who are warm and young at heart. Today’s designer styles means that backpacks are no longer relegated to the countryside but are just as at home in the office, worn with business trousers or a skirt. Surly it does not fit well for a formal business lunch or an elegant evening out.
The oversized 35cm birkin is the equivalent of a one-size-fits-all T-shirt. The wearer is a practical person who rarely swaps bags and does not see the sense in spending a month's salary on one accessory.A woman who wears shoulder bags is practical but also wants to look good. Fashion is not totally out of her considerations, it still a high priority to a shoulder bag woman to be fashionable but practical.
Fun lover, generous and sociable are the main traits of a woman who carries a tote. Such woman is youthful in outlook, with things to do and places to go, says Pedersen. This is someone with a busy Birkin, refined, unobtrusive but definitely not passive.

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