Monday, October 25, 2010

exquisite life quality is two kinds of state

In Beijing on business, met real winter, I only wear 528131 trembling, helpless under rushed to the sanlitun 3.3 bought lingli case grain sweater, hurriedly busy sets in. Still buy an exaggerated N2 necklace in body. But bare outside ankle or let pass at aunt, still go up "children,Hermes Birkin women's ability to preach not frozen. Ha ha, but who let me take only a pants? Who let this pants match this sweater is good? Hence, the ninja!
Women of the world are said to have economic liberty, will go to work! When our economic independence, can free yourself of these do not ready, we can then caution, can fully unfolded dream wings, allow yourself to daydream, then one will daydream into reality. But in this century, many of our economic problems can be resolved only by income and more new thinking on the test for us. Article 21 financial tips below is hope in your path of life good enterprise can bring you some new revelation!
1 if you still believe bank deposit insurance is the most investments tools, I will recommend you to change the stubborn. You can try to put 1/3 of the deposit into foreign fund these risks or not relative to the financial projects. Or entrust your savings bank to help you make a small risk investment and often these benefits will surprise you. Don't think how good news to improve rateHermes Birkin, all investors are shrewd deposits called "SiQian".
2 each company will be in accordance with the different health and welfare system, give you some health protection. However, many people turned a deaf ear. The company you tired, periarthritis of shoulder will become the biggest trouble after you old. Every month to a hospital, even if you just feeling a little tired. Regular medical benefits to your future. You don't want to work because of illness and ruined your expectations? In addition, from 35 years old, you can consider to buy endowment of medical treatment insurance, lest you become children of the future.
3 if you want to buy a house of his house, so I suggest you buy just don't go after the analysis of the trend of prices, because this behavior and investment. Your house forever, even if it is not investment projects than you bought up three times, and you dwell in them, or no value, just remember, herve leger don't forget your provident fund loans have can enjoy 20 million - 30 million new policies. But, when you fry building for reasons such as housing, first remember careful. Because property is possibly the largest fixed investment project, it will make your life even for bank part-time job. Usually, need professional help made by oneself, if you know about the housing, so in the market is so subtle, I hope you careful operation.

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