Saturday, October 23, 2010

It is for the parties to the exhibitors

The 8th China international bags, leather, leather handbags exhibition, trade, BBS, cultural gathers together, is for the parties to the exhibitors and tailored to the perfect function of large-scale comprehensive service platform. Help enterprises to develop the market, develop channels, brand publicity is the core task. The exhibition fully consider different exhibitors are developing stage and the demand of national differences, and 30 provincial capitals, nearly 400 cities and more than 20 cities, continue to promote greater effort to 1, 2, 3 professional market audience organization. Trade and cultural exchanges, and satisfy the demand, and diversified parties from various resources, specifications, there will be great to scale of ascension. "Industry, service innovation, development, integration customers win-win" theme. Once again, will get new interpretation and sublimation, become another push bags, leather, handbag and leather industry developing fast brand exhibition base. With greatHermes Birkin potential of development, China's work is very bright prospects. After 2008 "economy", the winter in 2009, "economic lows", after the 2010 Shanghai world expo purpose of the business, to 2011 the spring will be held in the 8th international bags, leather, leather, handbags, is much, carrying out of crisis, the leading bags industry development. With bags, leather, leather industry in the influence expanding, information, further enhance the radiation function of industry expected more and more is also high expectations, bags, leather and fur leather industry sustainable development of strong wind. Take China bags, leather, leather industry, and towards the world will no longer be a dream.

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