Sunday, October 31, 2010

Replica Gucci Handbags Don't Measure Up

Is your designer handbag making you look fat? Much thought is given to the perfect pair of jeans or finding just the right blouse that will accentuate your figure. But how about your handbag?Yes, your handbag can make you look fat or short or maybe even both. But the good news is,Hermes Birkin choosing the right handbag can make you look thin and tall.
It's all about shape. You need to choose a handbag that is opposite that of your figure. If you were short and round, the perfect bag for you would be tall and sleek, like a clutch. Say you are tall and thin. Then a short and round bag would suit you best.Now it is important you keep ratios in mind. Just because you are stout doesn't mean you should carry around a pencil box, this will only add to the appearance that you are much larger then your handbag.And don't forget, fabrics and accents add a lot to the structure of a bag. A brightly colored, wildly patterned Monogram Multicolor Louis Vuitton Boulogne attracts a lot of attention. This bag will give the appearance that there is a lot my substance to your accessory then there really is.
Next, you will want to consider size of the bag. Take for example the Monogram Louis Vuitton Boulogne mentioned earlier. The bag itself has a small, classic, square shape to it, but it also has a long 12-inch strap. On a woman who is five and a half feet tall, this bag would be at or below her hip. This is too long for her height and therefore makes her look shorter. Now give the same bag to a 6-foot tall woman, and the bag would sit comfortably just above her hip and accentuate her waistline. The goal is to show off your womanlyHermes Birkin curves while hiding the womanly flaws we all have and hate.
Women have many different places to go to and have many things to do in life. They have to go to work and exude a professional appearance. They have to have some fun on the weekend with family and friends. They also like to go out to the town occasionally and want to have a lovely evening with friends, spouse or with a date.
Regardless of where you go and what you do it is always important to look your best and portray an attractive appearance.herve leger Part of this means ensuring you have the correct accessories and none is more important than the right handbag.

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