Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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England The first is attached to the wall surface of a special fluorescent paint,building , can store the solar energy during the day the release of fluorescence at night to reduce lighting energy consumption, so Hall will become a light house; in the report room, 89 seats are to use waste cardboard, old cans, discarded CDs and other items made of; most memorable is the theme restaurants, visitors not only eat fresh organic food, and even the utensils are edible, they are made by the cookies, but eat The remaining food and extra roof and the lower half of the Macao Museum of transparent glass by the composition of the glass are recyclable materials, including insulation and noise reduction with hollow glass, you can not reduce from 20 to 36 db and other noise. Hall exterior wall of the upper part is shaped rows of louvres solar panels, these solar panels can all be activities, according to the angle of rotation of light 30 degrees to 45 degrees, both electricity generation, but also play a shading effect, operation can provide energy to all venues.
can not ignore also the Chinese Museum. Wall materials are not radioactive, non-polluting green products, all windows and doors are used LO M-E glass,mens cheap jeans informants, not only can reflect heat to reduce energy consumption, but also by a special coating to sunlight into electricity and stored for the construction external lighting to provide energy.
many venues invariably used bamboo and other natural materials. Vanke construction area of 3300 square meters outside the wall construction using straw museum board, its hardness of not less than solid wood,SWA,wholesale clothes, fire-retardant and anti-surge indicators are goodHermes Birkin, their seven round table as seven rick stands in Pudong Jiangxi River, to the people to interpret the natural balance of harmonious beauty. In addition to using natural materials, as well as natural light, natural ventilation, natural cooling and so on.
the Spanish Pavilion of the appearance of a distance like a rattan basket. Spain Pavilion designer Beinadeta? Ai said by the Spanish Pavilion rattan wall decoration, through the steel brackets to complete the line was streamlined. Rattan design is a building trend in moisture, fire protection there is no problem. Shanghai World Expo General Javier Spain? Gond said that the Spanish Pavilion is the most environmentally friendly building materials, the most traditional, \application as a bridge connecting the West. Museum is located at the joint international organizations Expo Area B corner of the museum, built with bamboo as the materials, bamboo flooring is also pressure on the tile.

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