Friday, October 1, 2010

Why is "the Pillow"? Because it is warm and comfortable

Why not make this winter days filled with gentle joy? Why let the fanatical CELINE new handbag on the wish list, let Christmas to become a chance of the upcoming spring? This Bag is Pillow Mast - under the Christmas tree!
This is a new handbag with platinum CELINE color or argent decorate, sexy and extremely femininity: from the creative jewelry ornaments rings tightly abide the leather handbags, and large CELINE engraved a symbol of metal emblem of classical chains.

Why is "the Pillow"? Because it is warm and comfortable, flexible, like a big Hermes Birkin. This is a very soft material by into the practical handbags, along with the tender and delicate, extremely large and coordinate with curve and the proportion. When it is touching the extremely comfortable feeling, it never leave your side, whether frivolous small sheep (delicate, super light little sheep, or of the squat moose-hide), denim. Pillow Bag has three dimensions: small extended edition, or higher medium and large design.
Not only have Pillow Bag full of leisure city, smell and also flexible: in addition to the safety of a magnetic clasp, both sides of the loop can be adjusted freely for your bags, can be all your life into his pocket, finely into every corner of cracks.

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