Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Designer handbags are really expensive ..like two grand, for a bag!

WITH the Australian Grand Prix just days away, you would expect Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton to be fully focused on all things Formula One.
But blokey talk of Melbourne, McLaren or MP4-25 cars is a bit thin on the ground today.
In fact, the main thing on the drivers' minds seems to be the price of designer handbags.
"Women's handbags are so expensive, aren't they?" says reigning world champion Jenson, whose personal fortune is estimated to be around pounds 35million. "They're like a grand to two grand or something - for a handbag! And one of those Birkin bags is eight to 10 grand. And Christian Louboutin shoes are seven hundred quid or something aren't they?" The 2008 world champ Lewis, 25, whose career earnings stands at around pounds 30million, nods in agreement with his team-mate.

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