Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How will the king "love" handbags MaShi Birkin packet buy a hand

If you let a female consumers first say a luxury brand, besides fake, believe the generic avenue of LV and all the women are tasted understanding of love MaShi sure-to-be-talked-about low-key. But if the placement of LV of luxury handbags series is MaShi, then love entry-level the Birkin (also called Dennis bergkamp bag) is worthy of the top bags. The question is, how do we have a Birkin?Know love MaShi Birkin charm? Recently, even the TATA BABY (city brand Talking kwiki straight ahead of its children Abstraction, vice line) Fake locate 14, 20: Print Birkin duffel bag are facing a serious shortage of Japan, estimated to late July possible WAITING LIST, Hong Kong is a 35-minute line to XuHaoYing are all from cheung pak-chi TATA BABY became the fans. Fashion is a real buy small M hands MaShi fans love, she said to Birkin beginning not have too much hope. "You know, when I want to jump from the entry-level sheet tastes and high-end products when it is in hand, because even if I love MaShi counters, but never got is 2 years of waiting list. Anyway, sales personnel was reluctant to take out the Birkin, they just say if the stock again notice you. Birkin GAGA are in the bag can follow one's inclinations, sister-in-law make graffiti is a room to collect Birkin bag, and when you know a Birkin back is a love MaShi artisans in bags (on), complete production craftsmen of the time be 3 months, you think ordinary consumers get qualifications and row?" However, the mysterious behind the waiting list so?
Small M then said: "these two years MaShi love his so-called form gradually lifted Birkin packets WAITING LIST (celebrities CELEB - WAITING LIST), but it doesn't mean Birkin MaShi love for the system will be revoked, and in fact if you today TO ask counters, even in Paris, you get the store on the answers or a temporary not likely wait for 4-6 years of beauty - TO - forms (customization) will not think, because strong support Birkin than those of the star, ordinary consumers bag is too without strength. Actually problem lies in whether you have the strength you have and VIP, and the store manager assistant eased, only after the VIP, when the stock in shop may inform you, but these VIP usually also have certain sequence, the clerk will never finished top VIP asked if possible, of course it is your turn TO you the best of luck, at this moment you can get this Birkin bag. In other words, it is long in ORDER TO support MaShi love you how much this brand investment, of course, is not easy TO do VIP, because want TO purchase Birkin before the consumer base is firm, one-time buy silk, watches, miscellaneous thousands of yuan experience had better not skip."

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