Wednesday, July 7, 2010

maybe I’m not cool enough

The OMMA Global conference this week in San Francisco, organized by MediaPost, included an exhibition with 40+ marketing and advertising firms. These are leading and emerging “experts” in helping companies deliver their messages and build market awareness.
Many either don’t “get”marketing 101, don’t want to pay for extra graphics on the booth wall, or are just so “cool” they think everyone should know all about them.
Well, maybe I’m not cool enough. I was amazed to find that for over 50% of the exhibitors I just couldn’t tell what they do without talking to them. With a sector full of “fun” names, like Brickfish, EyeWonder, Sprout, a big logo on the wall doesn’t give the audience incentive to take the next step – stopping at your booth.
Trade shows are expensive. Booth graphics should reach out to people, the right people, and pull them in for a conversation. Make it easy. Just say what you do and for whom you do it.

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