Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is there a handbag with a price of a luxury car or a large mortgage payment

It is truly the best of the best, second to none. Not surprisingly, it becomes astaple for fashion diva and celebrities and gets a lot of free advertising fromthem. There is a beautiful prominent figure who is often spotted with herfabulous Hermes Birkin. Correct, she is Victoria Beckham, an international styleicon, fashion designer and also the owner of about 100 Birkin bags. Love her ornot, she is the lady who understands fashion and presents herself in afascinating style. She is quite aware of what is fit for her and what is not, soeverything on her is just perfect. The way she wears Hermes Birkin bags has wonplenty of admiration. Obviously, her talent can be taught. Here are some tips ofhow to choose and wear a birkin bag to complement your outfit and represent yourpersonal style.

First of all, select the correct material for your birkin to suit differentoccasions. The quality of materials reflects the owner¡¯s financial status andtaste. Leather is always a wise choice, for it is classic and versatile; workswith most outfits and goes with any situation. The most popular leather forbirkin is Togo, a smooth textured calf leather.Taurillon Clemence which is made from baby bull is even softer and thicker thanTogo. You can also choose buttery softChevre(goat skin) or smooth and sheen box.Birkin bags withexotic leathers such asalligator, crocodileand lizard are quite suitable for formal and grand occasions. If you want acasual and pretty look, you can try togo or ostrich Birkin with linen.

Secondly, choose the right sized Birkin to complement your figure. Remember,your bag should work with your size, not against it. If you are petite, go for25cm or 30cm Birkin. If you are full-figured or tall, 35cm or 40cm Birkin wouldlook best. Haut A Courrieswhichis slightly taller with shorter straps is also called Birkin and very good fortraveling use.

Thirdly, choose similar colored Birkin to match your outfit. There is anextensive range of colors for your Birkin bag. If you wear a lot of plain colorclothes, Hermes classic colors such as black, orange, Blue Jeanand dark goldare the best to match your outfit, or a two-tone colored Birkin would make youlook cute and stylish. Greens, pink, fuchsia and Cyclamen are fresh in spring;
rouge, red and orange looks gorgeous in autumn; blues, white and violet arepopular in winter.Taupe, beige and greyare practical and can blend into more clothes.

Last but not least, always harmonize your Birkin with your outfit, shoes andaccessories. If you have seen the photo of Victoria in fuchsia RM Moon dresswith a stunning 35cm pink ostrich skinHermes Birkin, you willget a better idea of what I mean. The pink bag and fuchsia dress matchperfectly; the black sunglass has a similar shade with Balenciaga court shoes.Totally, she looks fantastically glamorous! Sometimes, your bag does notnecessarily match your dress or shoes, but at least should blend into them. Itis more sensible to make sure your bag and shoes areharmonious instyle and mood. For example, if you wear sliver or white tone shoes, pair themwith a Birkin bag withsilverpalladium hardware.

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