Thursday, July 15, 2010

Her tragic death in 1982 due to a car accident left the world grieving but made tremendous sale of the Hermes Kelly bag

It was named after a celebrity and a royalty that having this bag makes you feel like a celebrity of your own right. It adds up to the level of sophistication of every woman in the hopes that they emanate the essence of the woman behind the famous Hermes handbag. And who is this famous celebrity? It would be none other than Grace Kelly. One of the greatest female stars of all time, Grace Kelly who became Princess Grace of Monaco is a legendary fashion icon among all generation. You may have seen classic movies where she starred like Rear Window, To catch a thief, High Society and the award winning The country girl from which she bagged the best actress from the prestigious academy award. This American film and stage actress was at the top of her career when she resigned in exchange of a better title in life and that is to be a real life princess. She was only 26 when she had quit show business to become “ Her Serene Highness The Princess Of Monaco.” Her tragic death in 1982 due to a car accident left the world grieving but made tremendous sale of the Hermes Kelly bag. It is a way for fans to hold on to her memories forever. The original Hermes Kelly bag was introduced in the year 1935. It was made up of a kind of leather handbag setting for the horse saddle which is called the Hautacourroy. The dimension of this beautifully crafted bag is 35 cm. at that time that it was introduced, Grace Kelly was just 6 years old and the bag was not yet named after her. She began taking interest in this bag and was spotted using it regularly on events and parties. It became famous when she was supposedly being pestered by paparazzi because of a pregnancy rumor which she did not confirm yet at that time and had used the Hermes bag to cover her tummy. The bag became media frenzy and was later on named as the Hermes Kelly bag after Grace Kelly agreed to have the Hermes bag re-launched after her name. A handbag tells a story about a woman even from afar. And what sort of woman wears a Hermes Kelly? Most likely fashion experts would say that they are a woman of very erect stature, comes from a wealthy family, has a very good background, most likely extraordinary educated and living a life that is inconspicuous. A Kelly bag is more suited to use for an evening out because of its touch of formality.

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