Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hermes Birkin bags are Well Known in the World of Hand Bags

One of such fashion houses that are well-known all over the world is hermes bags . Hermes is possibly the most legendary Paris (French) brand in fashion. The history of this house started in 1880 in Paris. And as most of similar brands at first it was only a saddle shop known under the name “Hermes-Freres”. But soon (in 1920s) things started to change fast. This company got a license in France on “zipper” and soon they introduced a series of women bags with zippers. And that was a breakthrough – soon they started to produce a huge range of different leather products like bags, gloves and belts.In 1956, the infamous hermes handbags were introduced by Hermes for the first time. Collaboration between the already famous brand Hermes and the great actress Grace Kelly made the Hermes Kelly bags collection well-known. And in fact the origin of this collaboration is pretty interesting. There were originally no intentions to market the bags. Grace Kelly simply wanted to hide her pregnancy at the time, so she used a big crocodile bag for that. Word of mouth spread as this new bag was noticed in print and television and before you know it new style was born.Around 1971 Hermes brand introduces its first shoe collection. That was another “step forward” in the development of fashion house.And a little bit later – in 1980 – Hermes group changed the situation with infamous Hermes Kelly bags collection – they introduced Jane Birkin bags. The design of Jane Birkin became very popular. Until modern days it is so famous and so popular that waiting list for hermes bags is about six years. That is probably the longest waiting list in the world for the fashionable bags. And Hermes Birkin bags collection these days include a huge number of options. Among Hermes Birkin bags you can find different sorts of bags from pretty simple to very luxurious leather bags. But Hermes is well-known not only by the Hermes Birkin bags collection – now they offer different kinds of furniture, silverware and even office accessories.Since 2003, the different Hermes collections are even more popular and well-known in the world. At that time, the famous designer Jean-Paul Gaultier joined Hermes group. In the group he took a position of “ready to wear” collections for women designer. His fist collection in Hermes group appeared in fall of 2004. For today Jean-Paul Gaultier is a chief designer in Hermes group. He was making clothes for “Blonde Ambition tour” for Madonna. But there are many other celebrities who wear Hermes clothes. Some of the world wide known names are Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman and Elle McPherson. These women like not only clothes but also accessories and perfumes of Hermes house.The perfume section of the Hermes group is also developing very fast. In 2004, Jean Claude Ellena, the famous perfumer joined the group. Eventually, a new “Herm essence” scent was introduced. It soon became very successful.

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