Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hermes Birkin Bags No Longer Have A Waiting List

Looks like the Hermes Birkin bag, the most unattainable It bag in fashion history, is not immune to the recession. If waiting lists are any indication, that is.
Portero started selling Hermes Birkins this week with big flashy copy that reads “The Wait Is Over. Get Yours Now.” Then we called around to Hermes, and found out there is no more silly waiting list–they told us we could walk right in and get one today. (We didn’t). So now that anybody with a tax return and life savings can join the fashion elite and get a Birkin, this might explain why Lady Gaga took a black Sharpie to hers.Fashion folklore has it that in 2008, Birkins had a waitlist so long, Hermes eventually had to close it, as they couldn’t keep up with demand. Consider the cheapest one we’ve found, Herm├Ęs Violet Suede Veau Doblis 25cm Birkin Bag ($6,895), fashion stock. Buy it now when demand is low, and then sell it for double the price once Oprah gives it her seal of approval (or they become hot items again).
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