Wednesday, July 28, 2010

you've also invested in a wearable and practical fashion accessory

Perhaps the difference between a well made hermes kelly and a well made bag that becomes a global superstar lies in it's design appeal, providing the right style at the right time. Added to all this was a healthy dose of practicality enabling Mulberry to become a fashion icon and yet not distance itself from the high street shopper.
Over the years there have been many different Mulberry bags launched with some being more successful than others. Even the handbags that did not reach the dizzying heights of success as some of Mulberry's best sellers were still very,One such Mulberry Hermes Lindy that became a fashion icon was the Mulberry Bayswater bag.Mulberry first burst onto the scene over thirty years ago and quickly become synonymous with exemplary craftsmanship and stunning creativity and design.Fashioned from natural Darwin leather and featuring a rather appealing The Mulberry Roxanne bag quickly followed and was also an international bestseller.Celebrities started endorsing the product but not through sponsorship or advertisement deals but by actually choosing to buy Mulberry bags in their own personal life and of course to be snapped by the paparazzi swinging their bags around town! postman's clasp lock on the outside (even with it's own little key) this Mulberry handbag has gone into fashion folklore as an example of how to make beautiful handbags with commercial appeal. The satchel-esque look of the Baywater coupled with exquisite detailing ensured the Bayswater became one of the most popular Mulberry Hermes Handbags ever produced. very well made leather handbags.

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