Tuesday, July 27, 2010

used to create the much lusted after Hermes Birkin handbags

Whilst shopping draws the crowds, being able to ride an ostrich around the estate provides one of the most memorable experiences. These Hermes Birkin move fast and can reach speeds of up to 60km/h so make sure you hold on tight!
Visiting an ostrich farm is a fascinating way to learn more about how South Africa's rich lived, but also gives you a rare opportunity to purchase ostrich feathers and ostrich leather goods. Ostrich leather is still fashionable nowadays and used to create the much lusted after Hermes Belt . Although we're pretty certain that this shop doesn't stock Hermes you may be able to pick yourself up a nice replica.Everyone knows that cheetahs are the fastest moving land animals in the world,Ostrich feathers were once high-fashion among certain ladies of nobility and the so-called feather boom resulted in decadent palaces being built on the grounds where ostriches roamed.Shark-diving is so last year. This year is all about diving with crocodiles and in South Africa's Cango Wildlife Ranch you can do just that. A cage submerges you into the water allowing you to get close to 4m long Nile crocodiles. These powerful snappers have a bite that's four times stronger than that of a great white shark, so the metal cage needs to be even stronger than those used for shark diving. so let's hope that when you're walking a cheetah he doesn't spot a tasty gazelle lurking in the bushes and escape your Hermes Purse. The Wildlife Awareness Centre on the scenic Garden Route not only lets you get up close and personal to a variety of South Africa's big cats; it also lets you walk them. Cheetah, leopard and smaller cats, such as serval, all have a home in this reserve and guests are taken on a tour, where they are able to get so close to these felines that they can hear them purr.
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