Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The problem is the love MaShi on Ebay Birkin bag really true sense

Indeed, regardless of whether the waiting list MaShi love before the marketing strategies, Birkin top luxury package name already, more stable position if consumer spending will find favor. A senior buy a hand said: "once upon a time, I also and the real Home runs Birkin (Birkin packets take Home), the author of that book, Michael Tonello (Michael's Home) written made Birkin buy big fear, pretending to take a LIST in love MaShi counters, but didn't buy just ask any Birkin, assistant reply. Tonello said as natural Birkin waiting LIST is empty, because he had in 2005 in the three months to get over 130 Birkin bag. Then again carefully read his book would find it more like a travel or novel, he is Birkin packet to the illegal trade in social celebrities or on Ebay for buyers to purchase, so Birkin, he hit the big money is natural, one needs to spend more than 100 million dollars to buy Birkin bag, and each time to shop in Birkin ask before he will start at $2000 in-store consumption, running around the world even more than 100 stores of love MaShi airfare and hotel accommodation is high security of expenses. You can do it with him? Anyway, I can't. I don't than those persons, moreover also top VIP MaShi and love from a clerk to a manager counters in the entire network, this is very troublesome, because I don't like the luxury compartments part of eye strabismus."So ultimately, the waiting list is existing in buying power allows the premise, still have to add luck and communication of use, this is why even celebrities, also can search on Ebay on the spot, the seller for celebrities, not pay a fee of natural spot. "The problem is the love MaShi on Ebay Birkin bag really true sense, high copy product sometimes with genuine sellers shop here will not roll released." Small M continued, "as for domestic consumers like milan, for example, the station could consider trading is used, but I want to hand Birkin! I wasn't on the network, but the second-hand shops as childcare Portero.com Gilt and regular or compare these enough reliable, and the key is the site Birkin sale of any new words usually points and two, and used the Internet Birkin two packages or potential market, the premise is normal channels have security, a professional trade site quality goods guarantee luxury goods bought enough."

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