Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How could he fail then the Birkin bag and the other en of the Maison

The parade of Hermès Spring / Summer 2010 was definitely one of the most eagerly awaited by all those of the Paris Fashion Week. The word Hermès rachiude all a wonderful world, which runs through the history of fashion handbags giving us unsurpassed. How can we forget in fact two of the most popular bags of history, the Hermès Birkin and Kelly? Two scholarships that have changed the way you think the stock market, no longer a mere accessory but an expression of their personality. Dedicated to two icons of fashion, entertainment and history, like the mythical glamorous Grace Kelly and the icon Jane Birkin, they have gone through two Hermes bags free of fashion and its ever-changing cycles, becoming veritable fetish for all the (few) that if women can afford and unattainable dream for the other (many). In every collection Hermès repeats the two exchanges that are more this French maison, in a look that is renewed from season to season. The fashion show for spring-summer collection 2010 was devoted to tennis, sports chic for excellence, so here's Kelly renew their look for the occasion. Gaultier fact apply to the bag icon brand a portaracchetta courts, transforming it into a sports bag and no longer just an accessory pouches. Kelly, who can vote in our survey, is available in classic shades quite like the white, blue and red. But there are certainly more traditional versions of Kelly, and especially more valuable, such as those in snakeskin and white sand. The parade also sees the protagonists Mini Kelly and Clutch, the smallest of the classic bag models dedicated to Princess Grace, in precious leathers like alligator. How could he fail then the Birkin bag and the other en of the Maison, which is revisited in a version I think of great effect. Gaultier fact, the effect achieved with a "trompe l'oeil" that is drawing the flap on the bag and the characteristic closure but in such a realistic way to make it look good. But it lacks the model "posh", which perhaps we will soon see the arm of Victoria Beckham, sand-colored crocodile leather.

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