Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The ultimate status bag

The ultimate status bag, the Hermes birkin, is at the top of every girl's wish list. But to truly appreciate the birkin in all its beauty and to be worthy of its fabulousness is to be knowledgeable on everything about it. We all know Hermes bags are crafted by hand with the most amazing skins in the world. And by now even my housekeeper is aware of the secret blindstamp and craftsman id on the strap. But it is not just the Hermes stamp and logo that makes one a "Bag Snob"! There is so much about Hermes bags that make them the finest in the world. First, the tissue paper. I have had many conversations with various Hermes Managing Directors and they all love talking about the tissue paper. Apparently there are special tissue paper craftsman who spend their entire lives folding tissue paper for Hermes bags! They make little pillows for the birkin to rest upon and layers of "blankets" to protect it. It is suggested that you keep the bag exactly as the day you opened it, sleeping on the little pillow will allow it to keep its shape for life!

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