Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Making A Hermes Kelly Statement

When women are to make a choice between plastic flowers and the real ones, the answer is very easy. However, if they are asked to take a pick between a Hermes Kelly and a Birkin, they would probably find it hard to choose. You would probably feel the same way, if you are to choose between a Birkin and a Kelly handbag. What makes it so difficult is that both bags from Hermes are elegant and sophisticated. What is more; these bags are iconic fashion items, with several celebrities toting them in every event. Hermes Kelly bags depict a sense of luxury, what with the fact that it is very expensive. If you own a bag from this designer, it would imply that you are earning a lot. The touch of Hermes Kelly bags is elegant and formal. They are suitable for business dinners; or an evening at a five-star restaurant. This is because of the refined appearance of Kelly. For handbag experts, a woman that sports a Kelly has an erect posture. Her background is good, and she has money. In general, women that love Kelly bags are sophisticated. The Hermes Kelly will always be associated with money. This is because one handbag can cost you $7,000 up to $25,000. The price of a bag depends on its material and its color.

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